Residents will be consulted about daily living arrangements and enabled to participate in discussions about any proposed changes to those arrangements. They will also be fully involved in and fully informed about, the individual assessment of their care needs. Residents have a right to be involved in a careful and thorough assessment of their needs and wishes, and to be informed of the outcome. Delaheys Nursing Care Home’s commitment will be to find the best and most cost effective way of meeting the Resident’s needs and aspirations. Residents will be supported to make informed choices about their future, which should be incorporated into their personal Care Plan.

Personal Choice

The care worker will support each individual Resident to exercise, to their full potential, personal choice in opportunities and lifestyle. The care worker will ensure that the person for whom they care has a say in decisions about the provision and extent of their Care Plan, the frequency and regularity at which it is reviewed, and over the withdrawal of any service. Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the person who is being cared for is not able to participate fully in the development and review of the Care Plan, consideration will nevertheless be given to his or her wishes, as far as these are expressed and are practical. We welcome designated advocates in this context. Account will also be taken of the needs and rights of carers to lead their lives without unreasonable levels of demand and stress.


The Resident will have a regular review of their individual circumstances at which they have a right to be present.

Services Information

The Resident will be fully informed about the Services provided by Delaheys Nursing Care Home.

Legal Rights

The Resident will be fully informed about their legal rights.


The Resident will be fully informed about their medication needs and to make decisions about their medical treatment whenever possible.

Family and Friends

The Resident will be supported to maintain continued access to family, friends, facilities and the community.