The aim of Delaheys Nursing Care Home is to actively help Residents to lead fulfilling lives within the limits of their abilities and wishes, and to recognise and cater for those who do not wish to be active or socialise.

Staff will take an interest in things that Residents have done in the past and discuss current interests, particularly those that they wish to retain. They will assist Residents in continuing to use their skills and in following their interests if they so wish, and in facilitating a varied range of new skills and interests for Residents to pursue if so desired.

Residents will be involved in the devising of their Care Plan, and if they are unable to communicate effectively then a family member, friend or external advocate will work on their behalf.

Staff will endeavour at all times to create a stimulating environment and to focus on maximising Residents’ potentials. They will attend to the complete needs of the individual person irrespective of how the Resident’s disabilities affect them. All Residents are equal and unique human beings and will be offered help and Services according to their own unique needs, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, culture or state of health.